What is the upload function?

The upload function enables retrieving input data for computations from files. Instead of entering function arguments by hand, you can prepare a file in a spreadsheet program which contains the needed data. The file can be uploaded by choosing a file on a page displaying selected function's arguments and clicking "Upload and calculate". The result of computations will be available as a downloadable file.

What are resitriction on uploaded file sizes?

Maximum allowed size of an uploaded file is 1MB. In practice, it means that as many as hundreds of thousands of numbers can be uploaded.

There is also a limit on how large the file with results can be. It can contain no more than 100000 numbers.

Additionally, a limit restricting consumed computation time is applied.

What file types are supported?

The following file types are supported:
  • Microsoft Excel files with .xls file extension
  • Microsoft Excel files with .xlsx file extension
  • CSV files with .csv file extension

How should I make an Excel document suitable for uploading?

Let's take a function computing minimum of a sequence as the first example. It has one argument, a sequence (a term "vector" is used interchangeably), and it calculates a single number. In this case the document should have the argument sequence entered in the first column of the first sheet:
Screenshot of a sheet
The resulting document will contain one number only - the computed minimum.

Let's take a function computing a solution to a linear equations system as a more complicated example. The function takes a matrix and a vector as arguments, and it calculates a vector.

The matrix should be entered in the first sheet of the document:

Screenshot of a sheet 2
The vector should be entered in the second sheet of the document, as a column:
Screenshot of a sheet 3
The resulting document will contain the computed vector as a column.

The general rule is that the i-th argument should be entered in the i-th sheet of the document. Matrices should be entered directly, vectors/sequences should be entered as a column, and single numbers should be entered as single numbers (a sheet will contain one number only).

How should I make a CSV document suitable for uploading?

The input data should have the following representation in a CSV file:
  • a single number should be represented as a row with the number in the first column, other columns should be left blank
  • a vector/sequence can be represented as a single row, or as a column (ie. a set of rows when only a first column is filled)
  • a matrix should be represented in a "natural" way in a set of row and columns
Consecutive arguments should be separated by one or more blank rows.

How long a file with results is available for download?

For a few minutes only. You should download the file immediately after it was generated.